Electronics Abbreviations

0-D Zero Dimensional
24W 24 Watts
2708-0684 Electronic journal of university of aden for basic and applied sciences
2M Micro Miniature
2M Micro-Miniature
2MRPTR Two Meter Repeater
2W Two Wire
3D Three Dimensional
3G Third Generation
3Gp Third generation Partnership Project
3R3 3.3 ohm Resistor
3SR Three Station Rotating
4K 4,000 pixels
4K Four times the number of pixels on a 1080p display (UHDTV)
4P4T Quad-Pole Quad-Throw
4W 4-Watt Resistor
4WA Four Wire Analog
4WAI 4-Wire Analog Interface
4WH Four Watt-Hour capacity
4WJ Four-Way Junction
4WM Four Wave Mixing
7KS Seven Kilosycles
A Ampere
A Anode
A form A (normally open) contacts