Development Abbreviations


3PPublic-private partnership 
438Advertisement Required 
4WHWhy, When, Who, What 
A2030SDAgenda 2030 Sustainable Development (UN) 
AACCDAfrican American Center for Cultural Development 
AACDAmerican Association for Counseling and Development 
AACDALFS Active Classification Development 
AADAcademic and Athletic Development 
AADAgent Asset Development 
AADBAmerican Association for the Development of Bangou 
AADCAshland Area Development Corporation 
AADCAlamo Area Development Corporation 
AADCPASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program 
AADFAlbanian-American Development Foundation 
AADIAction for Ability Development and Inclusion 
AADMAssociate Agency Development Manager 
AADPAnnexation Area Development Policies 
AADTAspiration Association for Development and Training 
AADUAcademic Assessment and Development Unit 
AAEDArizona Association For Economic Development 
AAEDAutism Academy for Education and Development 
AANDAboriginal Affairs and Northern Development 
AANDCAboriginal Affairs Northern Development Canada 
AARDAlberta Agriculture and Rural Development 
AARDAcademy for Advanced Research Development