Conferences Abbreviations

1TC 1(First) Treasury Convention
4WWF Fourth World Water Forum
4YFN 4 Years From Now
AA Active Annual
AA Average Attendance
AAAC All Africa Anesthesia Congress
AABC Advanced Automotive Battery Conference
AABF Africa-Asian Business Forum
AABF Albuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair
AAC American Athletic Conference
AAC Appalachian Athletic Conference
AACC All Africa Conference of Churches
AACC All Asian Creation Conference
AACL Anti Aging Conference London
AACL Anti Ageing Conference London
AACSS All Africa Conference Sister to Sister
AADC Advanced Autonomous Drive Conference
AAFC All-America Football Conference
AAFC All America Football Conference
AAFC Asian American Footsteps Conference
AAFC All American Football Conference
AAFC Atlantic Africa Fisheries Conference
AAIC Alzheimer’s Association International Conference
AAMF Avoyelles Arts & Music Festival
AAOC Annual Affiliate Officers Conference