Computing Abbreviations

!= Not Equal to
#! Shebang
### Doublespace Compressed Volume File
#SC South Central
/. Slashdot
0TW Zero Time Winner
100B-FX 100BASE-FX
100B-T 100BASE-T
100B-TX 100BASE-TX
10B-F 10BASE-F
10B-T 10BASE-T
10B2 10BASE-2
10B5 10BASE-5
1NF First Normal Form
2.5D Two-And-A-Half-Dimensional
286 Intel 80286 processor
2B1Q 2 Binary 1 Quaternary
2FA Two-factor authentication
2GL Second-Generation Programming Language
2KB 2,000 Bytes
2NF Second Normal Form
386 Intel 80386 processor
3DCG Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics
3DS 3 Dual Screen
3DS Nintendo 3DS
3GL Third-Generation Programming Language
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project—’3G comms
3GPP2 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2
3LS 3rd Level Support
3NF Third Normal Form
3PV Peak Player Production Values
486 Intel 80486 processor
4B5BLF 4 Byte 5 Byte Local Fiber
4G Fourth Generation
4GL Fourth-Generation Programming Language
4NF Fourth Normal Form
5GL Fifth-Generation Programming Language
5NF Fifth Normal Form
6NF Sixth Normal Form
802.11 Wireless LAN
8B10BLF 8 Byte 10 Byte Local Fiber
== Equal to
A-OLS Administrators Online
A11Y Accessibility
A2HS Add to Home Screen
AAA Authentication Authorization, Accounting
AABB Axis Aligned Bounding Box
AAC Advanced Audio Coding
AAC-LD Advanced Audio Coding – Low Delay
AACE Association for Advancement of Computing in Education
AACE Association of the Advicement of Computing in Education
AACP Association of Ahmadi Computer Professionals
AACS Attendance Allowance Computer System
AAFC Advanced Air Fuel Computer
AAFS Activate Arabic Form Shaping
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer
AALC ATM Adaptation Layer Connection
AAO Alt Approving Official
AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
ABAC Attribute-Based Access Control
ABAC Association of Business and Administrative Computing
ABACUS Atari Bay Area Computer Users Society
ABACUS Architecture and Building Aids Computer Unit Suggest
ABCL Actor-Based Concurrent Language
ABCS Advanced Biomedical Computational Science
ABCSA Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan
ABCSA Akhil Bhartiya Computer Shiksha Abhiyan
ABI Application Binary Interface
ABL Adblock Latitude
ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode
ABR Area Border Router