Companies & Firms Abbreviations

21CF 21st Century Fox
2BV Stock symbol for Brightcove Inc. (Frankfort Stock Exchange)
2DM 2Degrees Mobile
2NT Second National Tour
2TG 2 Temple Gardens
3-m Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
3BG 3 Bald Guys
3LF 3 Leaf Fabrication
3M Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
3M Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
3PE Third Party Engineering
3PU Primary Products Promotions Unit
3PU Pure Power Products Unit
3RB Three Raymond Buildings
3RCC Three Rivers Computer Corporation
4 & 20 Australian Meat Pie Company
4PL Fourth Party Logistic Service Provider
4WM 4th Wall Marketing
4WP 4 Wheel Parts
6W 1H What Who When Where Why Which How
7-11 Seven Eleven
711 7-Eleven
8CC Eight Circuit Creation
8DP 8D Productions