Community Abbreviations

-THONPublic event 
1W31W3 lets you effortlessly create web3Site on the decentralised web and connect it to a web3 domain like ENS using our no-code website builder. 
2CCSecond City Crossing 
3CCOVID-19 Community Coordination Initiative 
3SJFree SJ (OFB) 
72542Rakib I love you so much, don’t forget me never and ever. 
7DR7th Day Remnant 
8LMBlack Lives Matter 
8MBAEight Mile Boulevard Association 
99ERSUnemployed persons who exhausted all 99 weeks of insurance 
9MA9 Musical Artist 
;-;Used to Express a Feeling (Crying Face) 
AAAfrican American 
AAAncient of Ancients 
AAAlcoholics Anonymous 
AAAll American 
AAAActive Affluent Adults 
AAAAmerican Automobile Association 
AAAAgree Acknowledge Apologize 
AAAAfghan America Attractive 
AAAAIAmerican Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 
AAACArts Appeal Advisory Committee 
AAACSAcademics Athletics Arts and Community Service 
AAAGAfrican American Advisory Group 
AABAloha Alumni Bett 
AABEAmerican Association of Blacks in Energy 
AACAugmentative or Alternative Communication 
AACAPArmy Aboriginal Community Assistance Program 
AACBAdazi Ani Community Bank 
AACCAnne Arundel Community College 
AACCAmerican Association of Community Colleges 
AACCBAnglophone Africa Catholic Community Brussels 
AACCCAudubon Area Community Care Clinic 
AACFArab American Community Forum 
AACFAfrican American Community Foundation 
AACHIAustin Asian Community Health Initiative 
AACIAsian Americans for Community Involvement 
AACIAfrican American Community Initiative 
AACLAlberta Association for Community Living 
AACLAlbanian American Civic league 
AACOAsian Americans for Community Outreach 
AACOCAlliance Area Chamber of Commerce 
AACPAmerican Association of Community Psychiatrists 
AACPAmerican Association for Community Psychiatry 
AACPOAlberta Association of Community Peace Officers 
AACSAsian American Community Services 
AACSCAfro American Cultural and Service Center 
AACSCAfro American Community Service Center 
AACTAuburn Area Community Theatre 
AACTAmerican Association of Community Theatre 
AACTSAging & Adult Client Tracking System 
AAECArthur Ashe Essay Contest 
AAFAAfrican American Firefighters Association 
AAGPApartment Association of Greater Philadelphia 
AAHCAfrican American Heritage Committee 
AAIAltruistic Autonomous Individuals 
AAISArboricultural Advisory And Information Service 
AALCAnn Arbor Learning Community 
AAMENAfrican Asian Mexican European and Native 
AAMIAfrican American Male Initiative 
AAMMPAfrican American Milwaukee Marriage Partnership 
AAMPAmericans Against Marijuana Prohibition 
AAMPPArtists, Agents, Managers, Producers, promoters 
AANRAmerican Association for Nude Recreation 
AANRAmerican Association Of Nudist Resorts 
AAOCAfrican American Opportunity Centers 
AAOCApartment Association of Orange County 
AAOCAfrican American Outreach Committee 
AAOCAround And About Orange County 


AAAAIAmerican Academy of Allergy, Asthma & ImmunologyRate it:
AAACArts Appeal Advisory CommitteeRate it:
AAACSAcademics Athletics Arts and Community ServiceRate it:
AAAGAfrican American Advisory GroupRate it:
AABAloha Alumni BettRate it:
AABEAmerican Association of Blacks in EnergyRate it:
AACAugmentative or Alternative CommunicationRate it:
AACAPArmy Aboriginal Community Assistance ProgramRate it:
AACBAdazi Ani Community BankRate it:
AACCAnne Arundel Community CollegeRate it:
AACCAmerican Association of Community CollegesRate it:
AACCBAnglophone Africa Catholic Community BrusselsRate it:
AACCCAudubon Area Community Care ClinicRate it:
AACFArab American Community ForumRate it:
AACFAfrican American Community FoundationRate it:
AACHIAustin Asian Community Health InitiativeRate it:
AACIAsian Americans for Community InvolvementRate it:
AACIAfrican American Community InitiativeRate it:
AACLAlberta Association for Community LivingRate it:
AACLAlbanian American Civic leagueRate it:
AACOAsian Americans for Community OutreachRate it:
AACOCAlliance Area Chamber of CommerceRate it:
AACPAmerican Association of Community PsychiatristsRate it:
AACPAmerican Association for Community PsychiatryRate it:
AACPOAlberta Association of Community Peace OfficersRate it:
AACS Asian American Community Services Rate it:
AACSC Afro American Cultural and Service Center Rate it:
AACSC Afro American Community Service Center Rate it:
AACT Auburn Area Community Theatre Rate it:
AACT American Association of Community Theatre Rate it:
AACTS Aging & Adult Client Tracking System Rate it:
AAEC Arthur Ashe Essay Contest Rate it:
AAFA African American Firefighters Association Rate it:
AAGP Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia Rate it:
AAHC African American Heritage Committee Rate it:
AAI Altruistic Autonomous Individuals Rate it:
AAIS Arboricultural Advisory And Information Service Rate it:
AALC Ann Arbor Learning Community Rate it:
AAMEN African Asian Mexican European and Native Rate it:
AAMI African American Male Initiative Rate it:
AAMMP African American Milwaukee Marriage Partnership Rate it:
AAMP Americans Against Marijuana Prohibition Rate it:
AAMPP Artists, Agents, Managers, Producers, promoters Rate it:
AANR American Association for Nude Recreation Rate it:
AANR American Association Of Nudist Resorts Rate it:
AAOC African American Opportunity Centers Rate it:
AAOC Apartment Association of Orange County Rate it:
AAOC African American Outreach Committee Rate it:
AAOC Around And About Orange County Rate it:
AAP Associated Artists Productions Rate it:
AAPCAfrican-American Parent CoalitionRate it:
AAPCAmerican Academy of Professional CodersRate it:
AAPGAustin Alternative Process GroupRate it:
AAPMAttitudes and Awareness Parliamentary MonitorRate it:
AAPPAssociation of Asian Parliaments for PeaceRate it:
AAPSOAmerican Association Of Provider Service OrganizationsRate it:
AARAverage Art RatingRate it:
AARCAlberta Adolescent Recovery CenterRate it:
AARCAmerican Association of Retirement CommunitiesRate it:
AARCAthletics Academics Recreation CommunityRate it:
AARPAssociation of Aged and Respectable PeopleRate it:
AARPAn Ally for Real PossibilitiesRate it:
AARPAmerican Association of Retired PersonsRate it:
AARPAmerican Association Retired PeopleRate it:
AARPAfrican American Redneck PiratesRate it:
AASCAfrican Ancestry Success CommunityRate it:
AASFPAsian Academy For Sports & Fitness ProfessionalsRate it:
AASGAfrican American Staff GroupRate it:
AASLSAmerican Association for the Study of Liver DiseasesRate it:
AAUCAfrican American Unity CenterRate it:
AAVSAmerican Anti-Vivisection SocietyRate it:
AAWCAll Afghan Women’s CouncilRate it:
AAWCCAmerican Association for Women in Community CollegesRate it:
AAWOAsian American Women’s OrganizationRate it:
ABAssociated BoardRate it: