Climate Abbreviations


4SS The four seasons—spring, summer, fall (autumn), and winter.  
ABC Anything But Climate  
ACACIA Arid Climate Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa  
ACAN Architects Climate Action Network  
ACASA Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association  
ACC Automatic Climate Control  
ACCC Advisory Committee on Climate Change  
ACCC American Cities Climate Challenge  
ACCTS Agreement on Climate Change Trade and Sustainability  
ACDC Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses  
ACG Alberta Carbon Grid  
ACIS Applied Climate Information System  
ACJP Australian Climate Justice Program  
ACME Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy  
ACME Accelerated Climate Model for Energy  
ACPC Aerosols Clouds Precipitation and Climate  
ACRE Agricultural Climate Resiliency Efficiencies  
ACRE Alliance for a Climate Resilient Earth  
ACRII Accelerating Climate Resilient Infrastructure Investment  
ACSIS Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study  
ACT 25 Allied Climate Transformation (COP 25)  
ACTT A Climate To Thrive  
ADVICE Annual to Decadal Variability In Climate in Europe  
AECM Agri Environment Climate Measure  
AFN Action For Nature