Botany Abbreviations

AABC Australian Associated Bonsai Clubs
AACC Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
AB Apple Blossom
ABA African Bonsai Association
ABA ABscissic Acid
ABA Abscisic Acid
ABC American Botanical Council
ABCD Access to Biological Collections Data
ABCP African Blackwood Conservation Project
ABE Anomalous Biological Entity
ABF Activated Biofilter
ABG Atlanta Botanical Gardens
ABIS Andean Botanical Information System
ABLO Australian Botanical Liaison Officer
ABLS American Bryological and Lichenological Society
ABRS Australian Biological Resources Study
ABS American Bryological Society
ABS American Begonia Society
ABS American Bonsai Society
ACA American Chichlid Association
ACCP Accelerated Canopy Chemistry Program
ACGH Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization
ACGM Advisory Committee for Genetic Modification
ACMV African Cassava Mosaic Virus
ACNP Audubon Center for Native Plants