Biotechnology Abbreviations

AAGTP Aerobic Attached-Growth Treatment Process
AB Aerobic Bacteria
ABEB Archives in Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology
ABL Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory
ABM Agriculture Biotech and Medical
ABRC Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center
ABSP Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program
ABWG Animal Biotechnology Working Group
ACB Asian Congress on Biotechnology
ACCP ASNT Central Certification Program
ACH Air Changes Per Hour ( The movement of a volume of air in a given period of time)
ACI Anderson Cascade Impactor
AD Aerobic Decomposition
ADP Air Displacement Plethysmography
AER Air Exchange Rate
AF Aerobic Fermentation
AFOB Asian Federation of Biotechnology
AIB All India Biotech Association
AIBM Advances in Biotechnology Microbiology
AIBM Advances In Biotechnology and Microbiology
AIRCA Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture
AJB African Journal of Biotechnology
AJBMS American Journal of Biotechnology and Molecular Sciences
AM Aerobic Metabolism
AMAB Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology