Bible Abbreviations


1B71 = The number one B= The Blessings 7= Seven Fold 1 Blessing 7 times is all you need 
1ChFirst Chronicles 
1CoFirst Corinthians 
1JnFirst John 
1KiFirst Kings 
1PeFirst Peter 
1saFirst Samuel 
1TiFirst Timothy 
1TsFirst Thessalonians 
2ChSecond Chronicles 
2CoSecond Corinthians 
2JnSecond John 
2KiSecond Kings 
2PeSecond Peter 
2SaSecond Samuel 
2T32 Timothy 3 
2TiSecond Timothy 
2TsSecond Thessalonians 
3JnThird John 
50364Bible number 
AABCAccrediting Association of Bible Colleges 
ABFAdult Bible Fellowships 
ABFAgoura Bible Fellowship 
ABPIAnkle-Brachial Pressure Index 
ABSGAdult Bible Study Guide