Banking Abbreviations

$United States Dollar 
15KFifteen thousand 
15KFifteen Thousands 
1CR1 crore 
500M500 Million 
75650Karachi Habib Bank, Karachi 
A&LAssets and Liabilities 
AAAgricultural Assistant 
AAAAskari Asaan Account 
AABABN Amro Bank 
AABBAmerican Association Blood Banks 
AABFAdvanced Analystic – Based Forecasting 
AACBAssociation of African Central Banks 
AACBABN AMRO Clearing Bank 
AACBAdazi Ani Community Bank 
AAIBAfrican Alliance Investment Bank 
AATBAmerican Association of Tissue Banks 
AAVSAutomatic Add Value Service 
AAVSAutomatic Add-Value Service 
AAWBAssistance to Agriculture in the West Bank 
ABAustralian Banking 
ABAAmerican Bankers Association 
ABBAffin Bank Berhad 
ABBFAdvisory Board for Banking Frauds 
ABBSAny Branch Banking Service