Residential Abbreviations

Residential Abbreviations   1LR Residential Line   AARC African American Residential Caucus   AARO Association of Americans Resident Overseas   ABCD Asset-Based Community Development   ACRC Arapahoe County Residential Center   AIRD Appraisal Institute Residential Database   AIRPM Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Management   AIRS AIDS Interfaith Residential Services   ALRC Assisted […]

Religion Abbreviations

Religion Abbreviations   1HM One Holy Man   2CV 2nd Commandment Violation   3D The Third Day   3VM 3 Vital Ministries   5E Esh Esh El Beh Sheh   666 Hell or the symbol of the devil   770 770 Eastern Parkway The Chabad-Lubavitch movement headquarters   A.D. Christian era (anno Domini [Lat.])   […]

Pension Abbreviations

Pension Abbreviations ACPB Anglican Church Pension Board   ADPP Advanced Disability Pension Payments   AFPG Armed Forces Pension Group   AFPS Armed Forces Pension Schemes   ANPL Adjusted Net Pension Liability   ANPL Adjusted Net Pension Liabilities   APBO Accumulated Pension Benefit Obligation   APFN Africa Pension Funds Network   APLI Association of Pension Lawyers […]

Parks & Recreation Abbreviations

Parks & Recreation Abbreviations   AAHP Academy of Art of Highland Park   AAHPER American Association for Health Physical Education and Recreation   AAHPER American Association of Health Physical Education and Recreation   AAHPER American Alliance for Health Physical Education and Recreation   AAHPER American Alliance of Health Physical Education and Recreation   AAHPER American […]

Non-Profit Organizations Abbreviations

Non-Profit Organizations Abbreviations 1-50IA First Battalion 50th Infantry Association   100BGF 100th Bomb Group Foundation   100BM One Hundred Black Men of America   100BMA One Hundred Black Men of America   100BMGD One Hundred Black Men of Greater Detroit   100BMNJ One Hundred Black Men of New Jersey   100BMNY One Hundred Black Men […]

News & Media Abbreviations

News & Media Abbreviations 1BR 1 Business Radio   1KPOV 1000 Points Of View   30 End of News Release   3GP Third Generation for mobile Platform 3NO New, Now, Network 407 RRD 407th Radio Research Detachment 47 Agent 47, Hitman A&E Arts & Entertainment A&E Arts and Entertainment A/P Artist’s Proof A/SP/A Also Spelled […]

Museums Abbreviations

Museums Abbreviations 39FSMF 39th Fighter Squadron Museum Foundation   44871 The Sovereign; a preserved steam locomotive in the UK.     82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum   AAAM Association of African American Museums   AACA Antique Automobile Club of America   AACC African American Cultural Center   AACC Afro American Cultural Center   AACC […]

Memorials Abbreviations

Memorials Abbreviations AACM Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial AACWM African American Civil War Memorial AAMMS annual Anthony A Martino Memorial Scholarship ACMS Alternative Comedy Memorial Society AEMT Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple AFFM Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial AGML Abbie Greenleaf Memorial Library AHMA Austrian Holocaust Memorial Award AHMF Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free AHMF Anush Harutyunova Memorial […]

Leadership Abbreviations

Leadership Abbreviations 565 Doing things your own way AAA Alternit Asscotiation Apart AAALI Act and Against Leadership Initiative AAL Academy for Advancing Leadership AALAM African American Leadership Alliance MKE AALAM African American Leadership Alliance Milwaukee AALC Association of Alumni Leadership Council AALC Academic Affairs Leadership Council AALG Academic Advising Leadership Group AALI African American Leadership […]

Housing & Amenities Abbreviations

Housing & Amenities Abbreviations   1BR One Bedroom Rate it: 1F1 First floor /First door Rate it: 2-DR Two-door Rate it: 3-2-2 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage Rate it: 4-DR Four-door Rate it: 4LVB Four-Light Vanity Bar Rate it: 4RM Four Room Rate it: 4WT-B Four-Wire, Base mounted smoke detector with Thermal Detector […]