Auditing Abbreviations

AAAD Aid Accounts and Audit Division  
AAAJ Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal  
AAAJ Accounting Auditing Accountability Journal  
AAAJ Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal  
AAE Audit And Evaluation  
AAG ArcoLinux Auditing Group  
AAO Assistant Audit Officer  
AARG ASEAN Audit Regulators Group  
AASB Auditing and Assurance Standards Board  
AASC Auditing and Assurance Standards Council  
AASC Annual Audit Status Certification  
ABOC Audit and Budget Oversight Committee

AC Audit Committtee  
AC Actual Cost  
ACRP Audit Compliance Risk and Privacy  
ADPT Audit Difference Posting Threshold  
AERS Audit and Enterprise Risk Services  
AFO Auditing File Object :
AFTS Audit Follow up Tracking System  
AH Audit Header  
AIRS Audit Integrated Reporting System  
AISHE Audit Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education  
AMCAT Assessment of Mental Capacity Audit Tool  
AMLAC Anti Money Laundering Audit and Compliance  
AMPT Audit Misstatement Posting Threshold