Anthropology Abbreviations

AALApplied Anthropology Laboratories 
AARGAIDS and Anthropology Research Group 
AARNAnthropology Archaeology Research Network 
ABCAttitude Behaviour Communication 
AFATArgentine Forensic Anthropology Team 
AGSSAnthropology Graduate Student Society 
AJECAnthropological Journal of European Cultures 
AJJAnthropology of Japan in Japan 
AJPAAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology 
AOBAnthropology of Britain 
AOFAnthropology of food 
APAOArchaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania 
APLAAssociation for Political Legal Anthropology 
APOPAnthropology Public Outreach Program 
APUAAnthropological Papers of the University of Alaska 
AQAAssociation for Queer Anthropology 
ASAcademic Science 
ASBAnthropology Social and Behavioral 
AWGAnthropocene Working Group 
BABAOBritish Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology 
BAFABritish Association for Forensic Anthropology 
CAFFECoordinating Anthropological Film Festivals in Europe 
CAOSCentre for the Anthropology Of Sustainability 
CAPACanadian Association for Physical Anthropology