Academic Degrees Abbreviations

2A2 Academics 
A.B.Artium Baccalaureaus 
A.B.Alerggy Bodnus 
A.M.TMaster of Arts in Teaching 
A.Mus.A.Associate in Music, Australia 
A2Advanced Level 2 (UK educational qualification) 
AAAssociate of Arts 
AAAssociate in Arts 
AAAmplitude Adder 
AAAbbreviated Addressing 
AA DIPAntillean Academy DIPloma 
AA DIPArchitectural Association Diploma 
AA DIPArchitectural Association School of Architecture Diploma 
AAAAssociate of Applied Arts 
AAASAfrican and African American Studies 
AABAssociate of Applied Business 
AABAAssociate of Arts in Business Administration 
AADAntillean Academy Diploma 
AAFPAmerican Academy of Family Physicians 
AAFPRSFellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
AAGSAssociate of Arts in General Studies 
AAIApplied Artificial Intelligence 
AANEAmber Anger Note Engerment 
AAPALAAmerican Association of Prior Academic Learning Assessment 
AASAssociate of Applied Sciences 
ACID Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability
ACRL Advanced Certificate in Rowing Leadership
ACSC Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate
AD Associate Degree
ADE Associate Degree in Education
ADEC Associate Degree Equivalency Certificate
ADFD Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing
ADP Approved Degree Plan
ADSD Advanced Diploma in Software Development
ADSE Advanced Diploma of Software Engineering
AE Accounting policy
AE Accounting Evidence
A Acount Executive
AEAD Activated Electron Aeration Device
AE Associate for Education in Journalism
AF Amplitude Filter
AFA Associate in Fine Arts
AFCS Applied Family and Child Studies
AFPC Advanced Financial Planning Certificate
AFS Africana Studies
AG Amplitude Gate
AGDP Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs
  Acquisition Graduate Degree Program  
  Anti-Gravity Engine (or Quantum Engine)  
AASAssociate in Applied Science 
AASAssociate of Applied Science in Nursing 
AASDTAssociate of Applied Science in Diesel Technology 
AASETAssociate of Applied Science in Electrical Technology 
AAVAQIS Accredited Vet 
ABArs Bachelor 
ABAcount Book 
ABAAssociate in Business Administration 
ABEAgricultural and Biological Engineering 
ABEAgricultural Biological Engineering 
Aberd.Aberdonensis (Aberdeen) [Lat.] 
Aberd.Aberdeen (Aberdonensis) [Latin] 
ABibAssociate of Bible 
ABIMAmerican Board of Internal Medicine 
ABSAssociate in Business Science 
ABSAccelerated Bachelor of Science 
ABSAssociate in Business Studies 
ABSAssociate in Baccalaureate Studies 
ABTAll But Thesis 
ACApplied Communications 
ACAmplitude Clipper 
ACAD. SCIAcademy of science 
ACCPAddictions Counseling Certificate Program 
ACESAgriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences 
ACGMEAccreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education